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Adjustable Laptop Stand Aluminium Fold-Able


Key Features


Aluminum Laptop Stand Adjustable, Compatible with Apple Mac MacBook Pro Air 10 to 14 Inch Notebook, Ventilated Portable Ergonomic Desktop Holder Riser for Office Desk, Metal Silver. Best choice for getting rid of neck or shoulder pain after hunching laptop for a long time.
  • Neat Aluminum Design
  • Adjustable Multi-Angle
  • Folding Design
  • Rubber Protector

When working for a long time, people's cervical spine and lumbar vertebrae are prone to fatigue, which is caused by unhealthy sitting posture. Optimized for comfort viewing and sitting posture. Helps relieve cervical vertebra pressure.

ProDesk stand with adjustable height and angle. Easy to keep the line of your sight at the same level as the screen. The surface of the aluminum alloy is sprayed with fine sand anodizing process. Excellent damping adjustment, stable and not easy to loose. Non-slip silicone design.

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Delivery Time : 3 to 6 Days
Warranty : No Warranty
Return Note : 7 Days Return Policy
Model No : GL0124
Seller Note : packaging are required for warranty claim
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