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Anker Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker

Anker Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker

How portable is portable enough? When you’re dealing with most audio equipment, bigger tends to be better. It’s something you can notice when comparing the difference between the speaker inside a singing birthday card, the speaker on the back of phone, and the speaker on a full-sized TV. When sound quality matters, you want to go for the largest Bluetooth speakers that still meet your portable needs.

But then again, sound quality may not be your top priority. As long as the speakers sound good, you might be more concerned with portability, battery capacity, and the like. Especially when you’re on a tight budget, these type of considerations can make a huge impact in deciding whether or not you end up with a speaker that’s well-suited to your needs.

Anker Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker

When you close your eyes and imagine a Bluetooth speaker, the object imagined by most people likely bears a striking resemblance to the Anker Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It’s somewhat simple looking, as if a larger speaker had been miniaturized. Atop sits a fully intuitive touch interface. And given its somewhat humble appearance, it doesn’t seem like the Motion B would be packed with features. But looks can be deceiving. 

Build & Design

The Anker Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker measures 7.5 x 3.2 x 2.6-inches, using an elongated rectangular design with smoothed edges. Held in average-sized hands, the Soundcore Motion B is slightly large, weighing just short of one pound. The bulk of that weight is due to its reasonably impressive battery, which we’ll get to in a moment.

With respect to ease of use, the Soundcore Motion B is easy enough for a child to master within seconds. Along the topside, its large operational buttons are very nearly self-descriptive. The central-most button looks like a music note, and will play or pause your music. Adjacent to that, a plus button and a minus button, which will predictably raise or lower volume. And on each far end, arrow buttons can help you navigate through the content you’re listening to.

Rigorous Waterproofing

And the IPX7 waterproof protection provided by the Motion B ensures that your equipment is well protected from the possibility of a bathroom disaster.

Wireless Connectivity

Unsurprisingly, the Anker Soundcore Motion B Portable Bluetooth Speaker does indeed connect through Bluetooth. It uses Bluetooth 4.2 for the most streamlined pairing you can get today. And it provides an extended wireless range of up to 66 feet in open spaces. That’s roughly twice the connecting distance of the last generation of Bluetooth audio equipment. Of course, within more constrained spaces, you’re looking at closer to 15-feet of connectivity.

Battery Life

Anytime you’re dealing with portable electronics, battery life is going to be a significant concern. And the 12W stature of this device may amplify that cause for concern. To help power those fairly large drivers, Anker has included a 2600mAh lithium-ion battery. It’s roughly the same battery capacity as a small notebook PC, and it’s capable of providing an estimated 12 hours of playtime.

Sound Quality

The Anker Soundcore Motion B is capable of playing rather loudly, especially relative to its fairly small body size. That booming sound is driven by powerful 12-watt, 1.75” dynamic-range neodymium drivers. This has a number if impacts on the Motion B’s sound. One of the more prominent ways is how it helps them keep tonal clarity steady as you raise and lower the volume. Anyone who’s owned a cheaper stereo before will understand the issue.