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Anker Pakistan: Anker Distributor In Pakistan -LaraibNow
Warranty Policy:
1- Complete packaging (The Box and all including Accessories) are Required for any Warranty Claim.
2- Burnt and Broken Products are NOT Covered under Any Warranty.
3- Water Damage or any Physical Damage Done by you (Customer) will Not be Covered in Any Warranty Policy.
4- Lost or Stolen Products Not Covered in Warranty.
5- Complimentary Accessories (i.e. PowerBank Cable, Charger Cable, Pouch, etc) are Not in Any Warranty Claim Policy.
6- Repair damage through 3rd party personnel NOT Covered in Warranty Policy.
7- Damage from outside sources NOT Covered in Warranty.
8- Damage from misuse of the product (including, but not limited to: fall drops, extreme temperatures, water exposure, and operating devices improperly, etc) NOT Covered in Warranty.
9- Purchases from unauthorized resellers NOT Covered in Any Warranty.
10- We are Not Liable for Loss of data incurred from the use of Anker product.